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Innovative Approaches for Overcoming Floor Effects in Standardized Assessments Used with Young Children with Neurogenetic Syndromes

Chairs: Wei Siong Neo, Purdue University & Lisa Hamrick, Purdue University Discussant: Elizabeth Berry-Kravis, Rush University Medical Center Papers: Heart rate deceleration indexes sustained attention in young children with congenital Zika syndrome: An illustrative psychophysiological approach for enhancing developmental assessments:…

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Capturing Inchstones: Novel Approaches to Measurement for Severely Affected Children With SCN2A-Associated Developmental and Epileptic Encephalopathy

Chair: Natasha  Ludwig , Kennedy Krieger Institute, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Discussants: Gabrielle Conecker, Decoding Developmental Epilepsies, International SCN8A Alliance, DEE-P Connections & Leah Schust Myers, FamilieSCN2A Foundation, Inc Papers: Communication in Severely Impaired Young People with SCN2A Developmental…

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Social-Communication Outcomes of Infants and Toddlers with Autism: Three Investigations of Practical Measurement Approaches Designed to be Sensitive to Intervention Effects and Change Over Time

Chair: Jay Buzhardt, University of Kansas, Juniper Gardens Children's Project Discussant: Brian Boyd, University of North Carolina Papers: Adapting and Piloting the Early Communication Indicator for Young Children with Autism: Jessica Steinbrenner, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department…

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