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Dear Gatlinburg Community:

Despite our best efforts to build an engaging, cost-effective “value-added” conference online for the Gatlinburg community in May 2022, we have decided to forgo this year’s conference. 

While this has been a very difficult decision for several reasons, the central premise of the Gatlinburg Conference is to strengthen, create or enhance opportunities and discussions through in-person interactions. Such organic and fluid experiences cannot be replaced by the ‘virtual’ nature of an online meeting. Moreover, we have listened to many who have expressed reduced enthusiasm overall for virtual meetings, now further exacerbated by the context of the unpredictable and sustained nature of the global pandemic.

Therefore, the positive outcome of this decision will ultimately give the GC the resources to develop a far better in-person Gatlinburg conference in 2023, to be held in Kansas City, Missouri.

We want to acknowledge that many of you have been working on your submissions and looking forward to sharing your research at the conference, and that a reversal at this point is unwelcome news. We look forward to giving you the opportunity to share your work next year, in person.

Thank you again for your patience and commitment to the Gatlinburg Conference and for inquiries these past few months. We are eager to reconvene in 2023, and we expect to have new calls for submissions in the latter half of this year.

Stay safe, and we look forward to seeing you in person in 2023.

KU-LSI Gatlinburg Conference Management Team (Hilary Casey, Lisa Hallberg, Drew Rosdahl)
John Colombo, Chair
Rodney Samaco and Eric Storch, Co-Chairs