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Interventions to Support Caregivers of Children with Rare Genetic and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

April 11, 2023 from 11:00 am to 11:50 am

Chairs: Bridgette  Kelleher, Purdue University & Cameron Neece, Loma Linda University

Discussant: Anne Wheeler , RTI


  • Stress-reduction interventions for parents of young children with autism: Results from the STEPS Project: Cameron Neece, Loma Linda University; Rachel  Fenning, Claremont McKenna College; Holly Morrell, Loma Linda University
  • Remote Interventions for Supporting, Encouraging, and Uplifting Parents (RISE UP): Examining Feasibility of a Virtual Intervention for Parent Well-Being Among Parents of Children with Rare Genetic Disorders: Katherine Okoniewski, RTI International; Samantha    Scott, RTI International; Emily Cheves, RTI International; Amanda  Preston, Loma Linda University; Cameron Neece, Loma Linda UniversityAnne Wheeler, RTI International
  • Supporting Parent Adaptation and Early Development for Infants with Neurogenetic Conditions: The Parent and Infant Inter(X)action Intervention: Samantha Scott, RTI International;  Katherine Okoniewski, RTI International; Anne  Edwards , RTI International; Anne Wheeler, RTI International
  • Developing a Community-Academic Partnership to Advance the Well-Being of Rare Disorder Caregivers through Project WellCAST: Preliminary Outcomes in Prader Willi and Williams Syndrome Caregivers: Bridgette Kelleher, Purdue University; Veronika Vozka, Purdue University; Maria Yanes, Purdue University; Kelly LeMarie, Purdue University; Dan Foti, Purdue University