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Poster Reception 3

Examining the Impact of COVID-19 on Children's Social Play Opportunities, especially within the ASD Community: Jenni Koehler, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Maria Hopkins, University of Alabama at Birmingham Language and Smith-Magenis Syndrome: A Scoping Review: Jamie Linert, University of…

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Poster Reception 2

Initial Outcomes of an Employment Intervention for Young Adults with Autism: Rebekah Hudock, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities; Annie Goerdt, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities; Chimei Lee, University of Minnesota; Mahasweta Bose, University of Minnesota; Morgan Haga, University…

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Poster Reception 1

Links between early prelinguistic communication and later expressive language in infants with autistic and non-autistic siblings: ZoĆ« Kiemel, Vanderbilt University; Jennifer Markfeld, Vanderbilt University; Olivia Jamieson, Vanderbilt University; Bahar Keceli-Kaysili, Vanderbilt University Medical Center; Jacob Feldman, Vanderbilt University Medical Center,…

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