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Developmental, Cognitive, and Affective Sciences PhD Program

Case Wester Reserve University

Interested in pursuing research in
• developmental psychology,
• cognitive psychology, or
• affective sciences?

We offer a unique PhD experience. Students concentrate on research in one of our three tracks while working closely with a faculty mentor. We prepare students for research and teaching careers applicable to academia and beyond.

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Why join us:

Students receive individualized training in research, teaching, and scientific writing. We offer state-of the- art equipment, seminars, and events to support PhD students as they develop as scholars. With guidance from their mentors, students have opportunities to collaborate across labs, departments, and institutions to tailor their experience based on their unique interests.

Case Western Reserve University is located in Cleveland, OH. Cleveland, known for its medical research, boasts the amenities of a large city (such as a world-class orchestra and art museum) while staying affordable. Cleveland is surrounded by lakefront parks, hiking trails, and forest reserves.

Meet the program’s core faculty:

  • Heath A. Demaree is an affective psychologist. He researches the interaction between emotional and cognitive processing and directs the Affective Neuroscience Laboratory.
  • Anastasia Dimitropoulos is a developmental psychologist. She researches the behavior and
    cognition of children with neurodevelopmental disorders and directs the Neurodevelopment Research Laboratory.
  • Robert L. Greene is a cognitive psychologist. He researches human learning and memory.
  • Brooke N. Macnamara is a cognitive psychologist. She researches individual differences in ability, motivation, and performance variance, and directs the Skill, Learning, and Performance Laboratory.
  • Elizabeth J. Short is a developmental psychologist. She researches cognitive development in children and directs the Short Laboratory.
  • Lee A. Thompson is a developmental psychologist and behavioral geneticist. She directs the Western Reserve Reading and Math Project.

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